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How to keep your costume jewelry from tarnishing

Do you have some jewelry that you absolutely love but are afraid that If you wear your jewelry all of the time, eventually they will fade and you will end up tossing them away? Here are some cost efficient steps to help. 1)store them away immediately after wear to prevent water or oils of any sort getting on them. 2)Try to spray them wth clear crayon spray to help protect any penitra

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The Proper way to store your Jewelry!

 It is essential to learn how to store your jewelry properly. For one, properly storing your jewelry makes it easily attainable, you'll be able to see the pieces you own and quickly find it when you need it. Another reason is that, fragile metals and stones need to be protected. Many gems can be scratched easily by other jewelry or hard container. Also, certain gems shouldn't e exposed to too much light. If your an owner of any rare pieces and is concerned about the proper way of storing it, ask a jeweler of specific storage advice. Finally if not properly stored necklaces, bracelets and chains will tie themselves into knots which in return might damage your treasured jewelry pieces....

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