The Proper way to store your Jewelry!

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 It is essential to learn how to store your jewelry properly. For one, properly storing your jewelry makes it easily attainable, you'll be able to see the pieces you own and quickly find it when you need it. Another reason is that, fragile metals and stones need to be protected. Many gems can be scratched easily by other jewelry or hard container. Also, certain gems shouldn't e exposed to too much light. If your an owner of any rare pieces and is concerned about the proper way of storing it, ask a jeweler of specific storage advice. Finally if not properly stored necklaces, bracelets and chains will tie themselves into knots which in return might damage your treasured jewelry pieces.

Practical Suggestions When Storing Jewelry:

1) Place jewelry in separate boxes or compartments, they can be wrapped in fabric or kept in their original pouches.

2) Valuable pieces of jewelry should be stored in a locked box in a concealed place, or even placed safely in a safety deposit box.

3) Separate the jewelry you wear almost every day from the pieces you keep foe special occasions. The pieces you wear on a daily basis, you might want to place them in your favorite china dish near your bed or maybe you might have a nice antique dish displayed on your dresser that you could place a few pieces of jewelry in.

4) A transparent divided box might be one of the easiest way to store jewelry. The boxes comes in various sizes that you could use to neatly organize your jewelry in different categories. The advantage to this system is that everything will be visible. The box could be placed neatly on top of a dresser or fits nicely in a drawer. The sections prevent pieces from becoming tangled together.

5) If you prefer storing your jewelry vertically, try a hanging bag with individual compartments that could be placed on a closet door.

6) Keep the cardboard or velvet boxes that your jewelry often comes in. take the nicest ones and stack them neatly. They'll look simple and attractive.

7) If you prefer to show off your jewelry and thinking about how to be creative about it, take the time to look at for a few suggestions.

8) You might even want to try hanging chunky necklaces over doorknobs, brooches can be stuck into bulletin boards and bangles or rings can be slipped over vintage bottle or tin.

Remember the key ingredients are: Preservation, Accessibility and Creativity!!!

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